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General information regarding the disputing of transactions

In accordance with the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of your card, it is your obligation to check your card statement thoroughly on receipt and inform the issuer Swisscard AECS GmbH (subsequently referred to as «the issuer» or «we»/«us») by phone immediately if there are any discrepancies related to the transactions listed. Please note that your card statement is regarded as being accepted by you from the date of invoice.

If you have been expressly requested by the issuer to submit this disputed transaction form, it must be filled in and submitted signed within ten days of this request.

General information:

Discrepancies, disagreements and disputes regarding goods and services must be settled directly with the merchant (point of acceptance). Claim processes through the issuer are only possible in certain cases. For completed credit card transactions, the issuer rejects all responsibility.

Only after the amount has been entered into the card account, do you have the option as cardholder to dispute transactions directly with us and to apply for a refund. The credit card statement received is to be paid in its entirety. Otherwise interest and possible reminder fees will be imposed. Please be aware that we cannot block or stop transactions.

The disputed transaction is to be detailed in writing immediately, within a maximum of 30 days from the date of invoice (date as postmark or, if applicable, the electronic transfer date). Otherwise, the card statement is regarded as being accepted by you. Please use the following form for this. As soon as we are in possession of all the necessary documents, your card account will be provisionally credited with the disputed amount with the same value date until the issue has been resolved.

Due to various departments being involved in the clarification process, the conclusive resolution of the matter can take a longer time under some circumstances. Should the counterparty oppose the claim, you will receive the retailer’s statement as well as the corresponding documents to evaluate the new situation. Should it transpire that the transaction dispute was unwarranted, the card account will be charged again. If you receive no further news from us, the temporary credit will become confirmed.

During refund procedures, the card issuer is bound by the valid international regulations of American Express, Mastercard or Visa respectively. Their formal requirements must be adhered to. These include the compulsory submission of evidence depending on the basis for claim. The decision regarding the approval or rejection of claims is made in line with the regulations from American Express, Mastercard or Visa respectively. The card issuer cannot influence this decision.



A 'chargeback' is generally understood as a return of transactions. A transaction appearing on a statement could not be verified for various reasons.

Examples include:
  • Multiple charges: the card account statement displays the same transaction more than once. The service/good was however only provided once.
  • Error on behalf of the retailer (e.g. the amount)

If you have been affected by this, then please read on and fill in the following disputed transaction form.

Fraudulent transactions

By this is understood debits on a monthly statement, which were made by an unauthorized third party. This is card fraud.

Typically, such transactions occur due to
  • lost, stolen and/or copied cards
  • or with card details e.g. by a distant seller (online, by phone, fax, etc.).

If this applies to you, please contact us immediately. At you can find the SOS phone number to dial.

In the case of unwarranted claims and/or inapplicable or erroneous information entered onto the form or in further claim processes, we reserve the right to impose an administration charge of CHF 80.